In fact, today's paintball games have less resemblance to combat sports, with the player requiring no experience or training, and playing on fancifully construct fields. Instead, paintball has evolved into a fast paced, team oriented sport that can be enjoyed by everyone.

In fact, it is this fast paced, high tension feel that makes it such a team building exercise. Nothing brings people together like a little pressure and competition, and paintball is excellent at creating these feelings in your group. In order to win a game of paintball, your teams must work together, communicate, and be willing to take risks, all great attributes to instill.

Of course, the first thing many worry about when choosing paintball as a team building exercise is the pain involved with getting hit by the paintball. Don't worry about this. While I'm not going to tell you that getting hit by a paintball traveling at 300 feet per second feels great or anything, but it doesn't hurt that bad either.

In fact, in the excitement of the game, you'll feel much more pain from the fact that you got hit and are out of the game than you will because of the pain of the paintball impact. The anticipation of getting hit adds an element of excitement to the game, which you don't get from many other activities. In short, the impact is nothing to worry about at all, As for the faint hearted there are protective vests available...Nor should you be worried about getting full of paint as players weare overalls and protective gear.

Paintball is a must for everyone to try and will undoubtedly have you comming back for more of the action and Jam-packed fun...!!!

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